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MB-70 HI

mb70hiThe MB-70HI, MB-70US HI and MB-70CW HI systems are characterized by the very low Uf heat transfer coefficient.
The thermal isolation performance of those systems is much higher than in case of other basic systems. All profiles of the “HI” systems have special elements that increase the thermal isolation performance. It is achieved by the special isolation inserts mounted in the central chamber, build by joining the alloy profiles with thermal isolation dividers.
Those inserts – thanks to low heart transfer coefficient – reduce the heat flow through this chamber. Central installation of ones reduces also convection and heat radiation. Due the material characteristics cannot undergo powder painting and anodization processing. That is why the installation has to be done after mentioned above are already accomplished.
The special thermal inserts are also put in the spaces between the glass and integrated profile of the wing or architrave. To ensure very good water resistance the lower edge of the glass has been additionally packed with the EPDM wire and silicone.
The strength parameters of the profiles and the maximum sizes of the “HI” systems construction available are analogous as in the MB-70, MB-70US and MB-70CW systems.
Connection of the profiles is same as in the basic systems.
Glazing beads, gaskets and hardware are commonly used also in those systems. The detailed information on the topic can be found in the production catalogue of the MB-70, MB-70US and MB-70CW.